Ribollita !!!

Yesterday night Ribollita for dinner !!! The photo is dark and not very good but the soup was delicious!
This is a cold season soup : some ingredients like Cavolo Nero and Cavolo Verza grow only from November to March! Buon Appetito !!!

Here MY RECIPE for Ribollita:

A carrot, a onion, a piece of celery and extravergine olive oil. Prepare the soffritto in a big pan, put bietole(100gr), cavolo nero and cavolo verza (about 200gr each) and a peeled potato, all the vegetables have to be cutted in pieces, let it cook for a while untill they become tasty. Put in the pan the borlotti e cannellini beans (300gr all together) and let them cook until  they become tasty. Then put 100gr of tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes cutted in small pieces, salt and pepper and after a while put some hot water or vegetables broth. Let it cook for a couple of hours, the heat has to be low and the soup has to cook slow. To serve the soup, put some tuscan toasted bread in the plate, pour the soup and add some fresh extravergine oilve oil !!! Enjoy your meal !!!


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