It’s Christmas time and December is the the perfect month for talking about GIFTS.

While I was thinking which could be the perfect gift for friends and relatives, Gloria send me an invitation to participate to the Italy Blogging Roundtable writing a post about Gifts. I was very enthusiastic and i start thinking … and thinking thinking thinking i had my idea: a good gift is a sweet gift !!!

During this year i have collected a lot of tuscan sweet recipes, i’ve tested and baked them for my cooking classes and meanwhile i’ve learned a little bit more about Tuscany and its traditions.

This post is dedicated to my favorite tuscan cakes and biscotti !!! All these recipes are easy  ( kids can prepare  … my son tested all of them !!!) and perfect for breakfast, sweet breaks and dessert, but also they are perfect for a delicious Christmas Gift with a touch of Tuscan Tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are:

Brutti ma Buoni, biscuits prepared with egg whites, hazelnuts and sugarCrunchy!!!


Torta coi Bischeri, a typical cake from Pisa and Lucca prepared with eggs, sugar, flour,butter, rice, dark chocolate, candied fruits, pine nuts and raisins … very rich !!!


Ricciarelli: delicious sweet from Siena made with egg whites, almond and sugar.


Ciambellone o Buccellato: perfect for a breakfast or a tea time. This cake is a little bit dry and hard but it’s very good dipped into tea or coffeee … i love it dipped into a glass of vin santo.


Rotolo o Gattò o Salame Dolce: all the tuscan kids love it filled Nutella, but it’s also delicious  filled with jam.


Cantucci and a glass of Vin Santo: the perfect dessert !!!!



Here the Italy Roundtable blogs: ArtTrav, At Home in Tuscany, Why Go Italy, Italofile, Brigolante


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