My Babà

After my staying in Naples, i decided to prepare babà !!! I found a real and tasted babà recipe “made in Naples” and … voilà My First Babà !!!

I do not have the right pan , i’ve tried to buy one around Pisa, but it’s quite impossible to find , so i used a normal pan for cake with a hole inside … it’s no the same but it worked !!!

And here a slice of babà …


3 thoughts on “My Babà

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    • This dough is prepared with 30gr yeast ( normal yeast, lievito di birra, not rapid rise yeast), a couple of spoon of warm water, 450gr manitoba flour, 150gr butter, 6-8 eggs, 100gr sugar and a pinch of salt then it has to rise 2-3 times before baking it.
      I’ll try to bake this monkey bread, it’s so strange: little balls of dough !!!

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