Creative Meat Loaf

Yesterday night for dinner we had a Creative Tuscan Neapolitan Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf is a typical tuscan dish, but also Naples has its own meat loaf recipe so my husband and i decided to put them together and … this is the result :

Tuscan Neapolitan Meat Loaf Recipe

800gr mixed ground meats (beef and pork)
2 fresh sausages without skin
300gr “pane secco” (use bread when it is not fresh and it becomes hard!)
fresh milk
garlic and parsley finely chopped
grated pecorino cheese (if you do not have it you can use parmesan cheese)
a fresh egg + 4 boiled eggs
extravergine olive oil , salt, pepper

Put “pane secco” in a bowl with the milk for about 20minutes, until it becomes very soft.

Mix ground meats, sausages, grated pecorino cheese, the fresh egg, drained bread ( do not use the milk), chopped garlic and parsley, salt and pepper. Shape it in a long loaf, put the 4 whole boiled eggs in it. Then roll it in the breadcrumbs, it will create a nice crust on the meat loaf. Heat olive oil in a pan (the pan has to be ovenproof), transfer the loaf in it and make it cook for 10 minutes. It has to become brown on all sides. Cut some potatoes in the pan with the meat loaf and then put the pan in the oven, 190°C for 30-40 minutes.

Buon Appetito !!!


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