Gnocchi di Patate

A snowy day it’s perfect for making Gnocchi di Patate !!!




Gnocchi di Patate

1 kg boiled potatoes
300gr flour
an egg
2 pinches of salt

Mesh the boiled and peeled potatoes. Put the meshed potatoes on the work surface with flour, an egg and salt and knead the mixture. The dough is ready when it becames smooth and elastic. Cut the dough in 4-5 pieces and roll every piece to make long sausage-like strips. Cut the sausages in 2cm long pieces. Gnocchi are ready but if you want to prepare them in ” a very traditional way”, press and roll every piece on fork sprongs and make grooves on their surface. This is a good way  to retain more sauce on the gnocchi. now they are really ready . Prepared a simple tomato sauce ( or other sauces you like!!!), boiled them ( remember when they float in the boiling water they are cooked ) and … Buon Appetito !!!


3 thoughts on “Gnocchi di Patate

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    • Add some spinach in the potato dough, they are so good !!! Also you can add cuttlefish ink black and prepare a mussels sause … delicious !!!

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