Zuppa di Farro&Fagioli Borlotti

Tonight Zuppa di Farro&Fagioli Borlotti for dinner! It’s a typical tuscan soup, rich and tasty; i love it and i like a lot with some chopped smoked bacon inside, the soup becomes smoky and very savoury.  It’s a delicious country winter dish and it’s perfect served hot, drizzled with extravergine olive oil.


Zuppa di Farro&Fagioli BorlottiSpelt&Borlotti Bean Soup

200gr Spelt
a carrot, a onion, a celery rib finely chopped
300gr borlotti beans already boiled
500gr tomato sauce
600ml water
extravergine oilve oil
rocky salt
and if you like some cutted smoked bacon

Sautè carrot,onion and celery in extravergine oilve oil. Add borlotti beans and let them cook for few minutes. Add tomato sauce, stir with a wooden spoon and mix well. Add the spelt, stir and mix, then add smoked bacon, rocky salt and at the end water. Let it cook for an hour and a half, low heat. Before serving, add some croutons and drizzle extravergine olive oil.

Buon Appetito !!!


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