Castagnole … and my donutmaker!!!

CARNEVALE is the period before Lent, it runs from Twelfth Night to Ash Wednesday. It is celebrated with mad jokes, streamers, typical sweets and fancy dress parties especially during the weekend running from Giovedì Grasso (the last Thursday) to Martedì Grasso (Shrove Tuesday), which is the final day.

CARNEVALE in Toscana

CARNEVALE is a strange period of the year: if you like it, you can go crazy for it, especially in Tuscany and Viareggio, famous for its Carnival Parade; if you do NOT like it, you just look forward to see the end of this noisy and mad period. But one thing is special for everybody during these days : SWEETS !!!  Chiacchere o cenci in Tuscany, Frati, Bomboloni, Castagnole, Schiacciata Fiorentina and more, all very rich, sweet and fried.

I ate tons of them with the excuse of my son and now, Carnevale is over, i miss that delicious sweet food, so i’ve decided to prepare some CASTAGNOLE but using my donutmaker so i can have them but not fried … just a little bit lighter !!!!  : )


300gr Flour
200gr castor sugar
60gr butter, melted
3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 Pkt. baking powder
2 tbs grated lemon zest

… these are the ingredients to prepare the Castagnole. I added 200ml of milk to make the dough smooth and liquid (photo) for the donutmaker.

Pour the flour in a bowl, put all the other ingredients and the milk and mix. Bake with the donutmaker for about 6minutes. When they are baked, dust them with some powdered sugar.


The original dought is without milk and it has to become as a pastry. Take the pastry, prepare some little balls (like chestnut!!!) and fry them in vegetable oil!!!
They are called Castagnole for their chestnut shape, Chestnut is Castagna in Italian and Castagnola comes from Castagna.

Enjoy them !!!


3 thoughts on “Castagnole … and my donutmaker!!!

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    • i love this american-italian way to bake … yesterday i’ve invited some Marco’s friends at home and the plate, with all the castagnole on dusted with sugar, was very cute !!!

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