Invitation to walk

This is my INVITATION: go out, alone, with kids, friends or family, find an “unknown” road, park or meadow, take some time off and … start walking !!!!!!! What is better than a simple walk to discover your surroundings or your region ???

Ten years ago i moved to Tuscany. At the beginning, i was too busy to see and visit what there was around me. Then my son was born, i changed my life and i met enjoyable moms. Together we’ve “built up” adorable walking moments. Every week we walk: different itineraries to create, different villages to visit, different fields or woods where to live adventures and now … i’m learning so much about my surroundings! Next step: discover my region!

I’ve realized walking it’s a great way to really know a place.

Tuscany is famous for its towns but also its landscapes, its agricoltural fields,  its sweet hills and natural parks … a lot of possibilities to walk, learn and have fun. You don’t need a lot of things, just three easy ingredients to try a different point of view: have some walk around visiting a town or park,  take slow steps to discover small particulars, have time “to grab” joyful experiences. In this way it is possible to create a personal, work in progress, untypical “touristic guide”, full of photos, thoughts and memories and deeply know your country!

Here some my photos:
Madonna dei Monti close to Casciana Terme… a day full of projects!
Around Fauglia (Pi) … olive trees, peace and 3 walking moms!


La Colombaia: a special place for kids

Now for me walking means: pleasure to discover my country, stay together with family and friends and enjoy the time !!!
Have fun !!!

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5 thoughts on “Invitation to walk

  1. You know what can we do? Next time you’ll be in Italy you’ll come to walk with me and i’ll tell you all about my surroundings, and, when i’ll come to visit you, you’ll do the same with me !!!

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