TuscanRoads: from Pari to Paganico

Saturday we had a beautiful day at the Podere Santa Maria, a beautiful farmhouse on the Maremma hills around Paganico (Gr), where Gloria and Marcel organized their son’s baptism party. We spent the night at Podere Vignali and that morning, coming from Pari, I took the old Grosseto-Siena road to reach the place. While i was driving i realized why i like so much that TuscanRoad: you pass throught vineyards, olive groves and hay fields, you go up and down hills finding a lot of beautiful lanscape points … a lovely and quite road!!! Following this road you can reach MonteAntico , known for its castle and the small church of San Tommaso, and the small village of  Dogana.








This is a part of Tuscany is out from the common touristic tours but it is still very “real” and authentic. There are a lot of farms that produce typical products as cheese, ham, honey, meat but above all extravergine olive oil and the Montecucco red wine. This beautiful TuscanRoad is part of the “Strada del Vino di Montecucco

Come and visit!!!


3 thoughts on “TuscanRoads: from Pari to Paganico

    • Thank you and i miss you too, i’m thinking we have to organize something together: a blog or something else … a connection Oregon-Tuscany !!!

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