The Castle and The Cherry Festival – Lari

Yesterday i went to Lari with my family for the Cherry Festival!

Lari is a beautiful medieval village on the pisan hills. It has etruscan origins, but this small town became really important at the beginning of the 11th century for its castle and its dominant position of the entire valley of the River Arno (from the Castle walls the view stretches from the Pisan hills to the steep hills of Volterra, from the coast of Leghorn to Peccioli and beyond) .

To reach the central part of the village where the market stalls were, we passed throught the Maremmana Gate, one of the 3 ancient gate of the village.


Here the Cherry Festival: all the stalls were full of varieties of cherries and their by-products: bottles of liqueur,  jars of jam and cakes, all ready to be tasted and sold.




After the market we wanted to visit the “Castello dei Vicari”  … my son was looking forward to visit “a castle”!!!







At the end of the tour we had a surprise: an incredible view over Lari’s roof and the hills around!!!


Come  and visit Lari all year around but only the last weekend of may/first weekend of june for the Cherry Festival… Lovely and delicious !!!


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