Pesto alle Zucchine

Summer is an “easy and handy” season: few clothes to wear, few staff to wash and to iron, suitcases fast to pack, no expensive heater, if you have a garden, lots of fresh vegetables and herbs and also easy and quick recipes to prepare. Pasta with Pesto sauce is one of the typical summer dishes, quick and tasty !!!

I love Pesto sauce and sometimes i like to try new version of it, like this one. I hope you appreciate it as we did last night !!!!

Pesto alle Zucchine

2 zucchini, cut in small pieces
a onion
10 leaves of Basil
30gr of Pine nuts
20gr Almonds
50gr Parmesan Cheese
Extravergine olive Oil q.b.

Sautè the zucchini with onion in extravergine olive oil, until the zucchini are tender. Add rocky salt as you like. When ready put them in a mixer with pine nuts, almonds, basil and extravergine olive oil. Mix for a minute and then add parmesan cheese. Mix again.


Cook the pasta ( i prefer spaghetti or linguini with pesto sauce). When it’s cooked “al dente”, drain it. In a pan , put  the pesto sauce and the pasta. Mix all together, heating for a couple of minutes and serve.

Buon Appetito!!!

PS i’m sorry for the photos, but there wasn’t a good light … but the pasta was delicious !!!


3 thoughts on “Pesto alle Zucchine

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  2. This looks so good Giovanna. I love experimenting with pesto – different greens, different nuts and cheeses. I haven’t tried zucchini before, but now I will. And I love the mix of almonds and pine nuts. Yummy!

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