Giardino Scotto a Pisa


There is a lovely public garden in Pisa, where kids can play and adults can relax (maybe reading a book like me!!!) under the leafy space : the Giardino Scotto.  If you live close to Pisa or just visit the city for some days, visit this garden and spend some times there. I think  it is a beautiful place for taking time off  but also for a picnic because there are some tables under big patios,  … It is really cute and in summertime there is also a open cinema !!!

My son loves it and i also do … it is like a little OASIS in the middle of a city!!!


20120915-004906.jpg 20120915-004935.jpg

20120915-005055.jpg 20120915-005013.jpg


4 thoughts on “Giardino Scotto a Pisa

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