PISA: Agricoltura e Allevamenti – San Rossore

Sunday we went to San Rossore, a big regional park outside Pisa. There was a big exhibition based upon Farming: farming of animals, farming of land, dairy farming and farmer’s activities.

Farming is one of the principal economical activities in Tuscany, and this region is known worldwide for its typical farming products as olive oil, wine, cheese, meat and ham, vegetables, bread and sweet products. An exhibition is the best way to make people knows where and how all these products come from. I love a lot of things of the Tuscan Way of Life but, above all, i appreciate the strong relation between past and present time that all the people have inside. Here people live the present without forgetting their past, and where they come from!!!

This exhibition was really interesting and kids had a lot of fun trying to practice some activities and watching cows and horses exhibitions! There were also gastronomical stalls and “the bigger pumpkin” show

My son enjoyed milking a fake cow!

The show i liked more was the exhibition of the “tuscan cowboys”, i Butteri

The kids had a beautiful time, they also had fun staying all the time grabbed at the fence, like in a rodeo !!!

A lovely sunday!


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