Apple delicious apples and a Tuscan Apple Pie Recipe

I love apples, I love any kind of recipes made with apples … Sweet or not I do not care!
My mom caused in me this apple-mania when I was a child. When my brother and i were children she used to prepared very often grated apples mixed with honey or sugar. For me it was the most delicious food in the world!!! My friends started thinking I was a little bit strange … but when I started bringing to school pieces of dry apples as snacks, they totally decided a was really definitively strange!!!
Once my best friend Carola invited me to her grandmother, It was supposed to be a fast visit so i hadn’t said anything to my mom. When the old lady saw us, she was so happy that she wanted to offer us something unusual : some delicious dry apples!!! I went so crazy that I forgot about my mom, my home and my “life duty!!! I had forgotten to go back home for the 6o’clock as I had promised to my mom. When finally I got home my mom was so furious about me that I could not going out after school for a couple of weeks!!! But I still loves apples!!!!

When I grew up, i was 10years old, during our first trip in USA, I tasted my first delicious apple pie … from that time I’m still looking for the best Apple Pie Recipe!!! I love to taste and bite the soft pieces of apples with a sweet crust …. Yummy!!!
If someone has a “perfect apple pie recipe” please send it to me !!!!!!

I prefer cakes with pieces of apples in it, small sweet squares of this fruit with cinnamon, sugar and a pinch of ginger!!! In general the typical Italian apple cakes are not my preferred : normally they are too soft because of the baking powder, too moist because of the fruit : a mix that i do not like! And also when the cake is ready, the thin slices of apples in it disappear …. Too bad!!!!!

Fortunately my neighbor Luana gave me this delicious, perfect for me, Tuscan Apple Cake Recipe!!!
Thank you a lot!!! Try it served warm with some hot liquid cream on top … It is a perfect dessert!!!

Green Apple Cake

For the crust
200g Flour
1 egg
100g sugar
120g butter at room temperature

For the filling
500g green apples
100g almond, tritate
60g crunchy biscuits
a tsp of cinnamon powder
2 cloves
Half of a lemon
60g butter
80g sugar
2tbs flour
3 eggs

Prepare the crust kneading all the ingredients and let it in the fridge for half an hour.
For the filling, peal the apples and cut them in thick slices. Grind the almond and break the biscuits.
In a pan put the cloves, cinnamon, lemon zest, the slices of apples and cook until the apples become tender. In another pan melt the butter, when it is liquid, take it out from the heat and mix sugar, flour and eggs. Then add the apples, remember to take out the cloves and the lemon zest before adding. Add the broken biscuits and the grinded almond. Mix really well.
Take out the pastry from the fridge, roll out, and prepare the crust, making little hole with a fork on the pastry.
Put the filling in it. In the oven already hot at 180*C for 50minutes. When ready take it out and let it cool down!!!

Buon Appetito !!!

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