About me !!!

CRAZYaboutTUSCANY Blog is my personal diary where i write about my Tuscan Life!!!

I’m a happy mom and wife and i love to cook expecially to bake cakes, biscuits and everything is sweet. I organize Cooking Classes, Tasting and everything can help foreigner guests to discover this beautiful region: Tuscany !!!

Here more info about me:

I was born and grew up in Como. I started my biology degree at the university of Milan, but at a certain point decided to travel and have some other experiences. So I went to San Francisco to work in a marine biology rescue center, then on to Puglia, south of Italy, to do my final project or thesis for my biology degree. There I was studying a lone, sociable dolphin.

In Puglia I met my future husband and fell in love with him and in 2001 followed him to Tuscany. In that time, my father was opening the farmhouse so I decided to help him for a while, but then it became my job – forgetting about my studies and my university … I’ve lost the pleasure to study, I thought it was for nothing … bad mistake !!!

In 2006 i got married and in 2007 Marco was born. With the baby I could not work full time at the farmhouse, staying so far from my husband so I moved to Livorno. Together we looked for a house. We found a lovely house in Fauglia (Pisa) that we bought and it’s where we are living now. This house, my sweet home now, became my little nest and now it’s where I can think about my projects; where I can test recipes and write my blog; and where I often leave to go to Podere Vignali.

I love my life in Fauglia, that it’s in the province of Pisa but 20km from Livorno. I’ve met nice people and new friends. With 2 moms we started to walk around Pisa to discover new places and have a lot of fun. My life is now divided between Fauglia where I can have my “everyday” normal but nice routine, and Podere Vignali where I’m very happy to meet people from other countries and makes new friends.

I love teaching cooking classes, knowing other’s mentality, countries, traditions and recipes. I like my life. I would like to travel more because I love to do it. But for now, my family, kid’s school and activities, take all my time! And this year I am very proud of me: i finally finished all my university exams and in October I’ll begin my new thesis at the university of Pisa (the first one is too old after 10 years) … I hope next year university will be over !!!

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