Luminara a Pisa 2012

Finally this year we were in Pisa for an incredible and fantastic fireworks show: la Luminara di San Ranieri

On June 17 Pisa celebrates its patron San Ranieri. The city organizes celebrations but, for me, the most suggestive and attractive is the Luminara di San Ranieri that takes place the night of the 16th of june. Luminara is a beautiful show of lights and fireworks along the Arno river. All the old buildings are dressed up in lights and the river looks like an evening sky filled with stars  –  It is just fantastic  –  From the afternoon to late at night  crowds of people overflow into the streets of Pisa and around the Arno river talking, dancing, singing, drinking and having fun but all waiting for the fireworks !!! Here some videos:

During the day “I preparativi

The night is coming 9.30pm

The beginning of the fireworks

and the fantastic end

That night La torre Pendente e il Duomo were all lighted up !!!

I have to thanks the filmakers of these video i inserted in my post … thank you … they help me to “describe” the beauty of this celebration !!! I’d like to organize a group of friends for being at Luminara 2013 all together !!!


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